General English Course

In our semester course, you will attend 48 individual English classes, each lasting 60 minutes.

English course lasts for approximately 6 months. Each week, you have two private classes scheduled.  

 When you enroll in our program, you will be paired with a dedicated professional teacher who will guide you through your language journey.

1 Level Semester Course

In our English course, the teacher marks the attendance of the students using an attendance software that enables you to conveniently track your class schedules and ensures an organized and transparent learning environment.

Each semester is carefully tailored to cover the content and skills necessary to complete one CEFR level.

With two private classes scheduled per week, you have the advantage of regular and consistent learning sessions.

1 Semester English course aims to provide a well-rounded language learning experience, enabling you to develop your English skills effectively and confidently over the course of approximately 6 months and 48 private classes.

What to Expect from your Course?

The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) is a widely recognized framework used to assess language proficiency levels. It divides language proficiency into six levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2, with A1 being the beginner level and C2 representing near-native fluency.

Each semester of classes with Crossroads English® potentially corresponds to advancing by one CEFR level.

In your classes, you can expect a well-designed curriculum that incorporates materials specifically selected to help you succeed. These materials expose you to a wide range of vocabulary, grammar structures, and cultural aspects, all of which are essential for language development. By immersing yourself in these thoughtfully designed resources, you can make faster progress in your language proficiency.


Regularly assigned homework serves as a valuable tool for practicing and reinforcing what you’ve learned in class. These assignments may include a variety of tasks such as exercises, reading assignments, writing tasks, listening activities, or even watching videos.

Through our classes, we will provide you with a comprehensive and structured approach that covers all aspects of language acquisition. Our carefully crafted lessons, tailored to your specific needs and learning style, will target key areas including vocabulary expansion, grammar mastery, listening comprehension, speaking practice, and writing skills.


Why do we Focus on CEFR Standard?

The CEFR provides a comprehensive framework for assessing language proficiency, dividing it into six levels: A1 (Beginner), A2 (Elementary), B1 (Intermediate), B2 (Upper-Intermediate), C1 (Advanced), and C2 (Proficient/Native-like).

One of the key reasons we adhere to the CEFR is our commitment to helping students obtain official certifications of their language proficiency. We understand that many individuals aim to validate their language skills through internationally recognized exams such as the TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) or IELTS (International English Language Testing System). These exams often assess language proficiency based on the CEFR levels.

In addition to helping students obtain certifications and aligning with international language proficiency exams, our adherence to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) also allows us to effectively measure our students’ progress.

The CEFR provides a clear and standardized framework for assessing language proficiency at different levels. By using this framework as a guide, we are able to evaluate our students’ skills and track their advancement in a systematic and objective manner.

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Semester Course - Payment Plan Options

Flexible Payment Options: Pay the Full Course Fee in 6 Installments via Credit Card.

Convenient Monthly Payment: Pay with Your Credit Card through an Automatic Subscription.

Special Discount: Enjoy 10% Off by Paying the Full Course Fee via Bank Transfer

Accelerated Learning: Short-Term Courses for Your Success

Whether you have limited time availability, are seeking to acquire specific skills, or simply prefer a more focused learning experience, our short-term courses are the perfect choice.

Experience Personalized Learning: Tailored 3-Month Courses with Flexible Private Classes

With the freedom to choose the frequency of private classes, students can enjoy the benefits of personalized learning at their own pace.

Whether they prefer one private class per week or two, our instructors are dedicated to providing focused attention, catering to individual learning needs, and maximizing academic progress. 

This flexibility ensures that students can strike a perfect balance between their educational pursuits and other commitments, making their 3-month learning journey both effective and enjoyable.

With our tailored approach and personalized private classes, students can confidently achieve their academic goals and unlock their full potential in a supportive and accommodating environment.

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Starting your private English classes is a decision you’ll be glad you made. It’s a valuable investment in yourself that can enhance your personal and professional life, and lead to new opportunities and experiences. Seize the opportunity and begin your language journey today!

Crossroads English ®

While we are based in Chile, our reach extends far beyond borders.

We proudly offer online English classes to students all over the world. No matter where you are located, you can benefit from our high-quality instruction and personalized approach from the comfort of your own home or office.

With our online classes, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of learning English without the limitations of geographical distance.

Whether you’re in Chile or any other country, our online English classes empower you to overcome language barriers, expand your opportunities, and improve your communication skills. Join our global community of learners and embark on a transformative language journey with us, no matter where you are in the world.

Meet the founder

Alexandra Zelinski is the founder and lead English teacher of Crossroads English ®, she brings over 10 years of invaluable experience in the field of English language education. With a passion for teaching and a deep understanding of language acquisition, she has dedicated herself to helping students like you achieve their language goals.

She holds a degree in English Language and Literature, as well as Translation between English and French, which has equipped her with a strong foundation in linguistic theory and cross-cultural communication.

Throughout her career, she has honed her teaching skills, developed effective methodologies, and stayed updated with the latest trends in language education. At Crossroads English ® we are providing you with a supportive, engaging, and results-oriented learning experience, guiding you towards fluency and empowering you to communicate confidently in English.