Diverse Team of English Teachers

At our institution, we take great pride in the caliber of our English teachers. Our team consists of experienced professionals who are both native speakers and non-native speakers of English. Each instructor has undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure their expertise and proficiency in the language.

Expertise and Experience

Our native English-speaking teachers bring a wealth of cultural knowledge and a natural fluency that allows them to provide authentic language experiences. They possess a deep understanding of idiomatic expressions, colloquialisms, and cultural nuances, enabling them to offer valuable insights into English-speaking countries and societies.

On the other hand, our non-native English-speaking teachers have undergone extensive language training and possess a strong command of English. Their personal experience of learning English as a second language gives them a unique perspective and empathy towards the challenges faced by learners. They can relate to your language journey and provide targeted guidance based on their own experiences.

Both native and non-native English-speaking teachers in our team are dedicated professionals who are passionate about education. They possess a comprehensive understanding of English grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and communication skills. With their expertise, they are able to deliver engaging lessons, provide individualized feedback, and create a supportive learning environment.

By having a diverse team of English teachers, we ensure that you receive a well-rounded and inclusive learning experience. You will benefit from different teaching styles, cultural perspectives, and linguistic insights, all of which contribute to your overall language development. Rest assured, regardless of whether your teacher is a native or non-native speaker, they are committed to your progress and success in mastering the English language.


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Crossroads English ®

While we are based in Chile, our reach extends far beyond borders.

We proudly offer online English classes to students all over the world. No matter where you are located, you can benefit from our high-quality instruction and personalized approach from the comfort of your own home or office.

With our online classes, you can enjoy the convenience and flexibility of learning English without the limitations of geographical distance.

Whether you’re in Chile or any other country, our online English classes empower you to overcome language barriers, expand your opportunities, and improve your communication skills. Join our global community of learners and embark on a transformative language journey with us, no matter where you are in the world.

Meet the founder

Alexandra Zelinski is the founder and lead English teacher of Crossroads English ®, she brings over 10 years of invaluable experience in the field of English language education. With a passion for teaching and a deep understanding of language acquisition, she has dedicated herself to helping students like you achieve their language goals.

She holds a degree in English Language and Literature, as well as Translation between English and French, which has equipped her with a strong foundation in linguistic theory and cross-cultural communication.

Throughout her career, she has honed her teaching skills, developed effective methodologies, and stayed updated with the latest trends in language education. At Crossroads English ® we are providing you with a supportive, engaging, and results-oriented learning experience, guiding you towards fluency and empowering you to communicate confidently in English.

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