English for Global Business

Making English as corporate language is one of the challenges growing multinational companies are facing today. 

Many corporations have chosen English as their official language as a solution to the challenges of a multilingual corporate landscape. This policy choice can appear in several forms. 

Corporations may choose whether it applies for 

  • internal or external communication,
  • verbal or written communication, 
  • or whether it applies to all employees in all departments in all situations.

One challenge of English as a corporate language in multinational companies is when the language proficiency of employees does not match the corporate language policy.

Key HR practices to Improve Language Policies in MNCs

There are two central topics of corporate HR practices relevant to language policy 
1. Language-sensitive recruitment 
2. English Language Training

In order to shape a workforce with a desired linguistic profile it is crucial to have understanding of international language proficiency levels for spoken and written English skills. 

At Crossroads English we offer international level evaluation test for the employees along with English courses tailored to specific industry business needs.