1 Easy Way to Activate your Vocabulary

Have you been looking for an easy way to activate your passive vocabulary? 

What is Passive Vocabulary? 

If you understand all the details and information when watching your favorite series, talks and presentations but struggle to provide detailed descriptions when it is time to speak, this is because you most likely have developed a strong passive vocabulary in English. 

You recognize less common words and expressions, however when you want to use them, they just do not come to your mind. A lot of intermediate and advanced level students have the same problem and for this reason they think they are not making any progress.

How to “Activate” Passive Vocabulary?

One way to start using new words in speaking and writing is to actually create sentence ideas that would make sense to you in order to create an association with your existing knowledge and/or experience. Think what phrase you can create with the new word that would describe your actual life situation! 

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