Private Classes

Develop confidence to travel abroad or work in a multinational organization. Learn to interact with other English speakers, increase your opportunities and get the proven advantages of speaking English.


Prepare for your international tests with teachers with proven record of success and years of experience. Learn the strategies, practice with prep resources and predict your score to optimize your results.

Corporate Courses

Increase the effectiveness of your employees to communicate with their co-workers and customers in English to take your business to the next level. Having worked with start-ups as well as established organizations, we understand the need for your business to grow, breaking the language barrier.

Speaking Classes

Make it easy to speak and understand English, correct your mistakes and learn in an organic way, based on your needs in the moment.

Our Services

Immersion Experience

No matter the format of your course, immersion is about integrating English into your lifestyle and activities. In our classes each student performs every single activity in English. We teach English not simply as a subject to learn, but as a tool for students to communicate, learn and have fun.