English for organizations and their employees.

Boost communication confidence in the workplace. English training on an international scale motivates people to progress in a company, building their language and professional skills. 

Crossroads English will help you transform language approach and achieve optimum results and ROI. 


Private English lessons tailored to each learner.
6-months level programs aligned with content for International English level standards. Work with English teachers carefully selected for each learner  to achieve measurable results.

The learners will work on English used in presentations, business meetings, negotiations, professional emails, and pronunciation.
Crossroads English provides flexible, accessible English training for professionals to communicate in the real world.

Global and Local Teams

Crossroads English training is online and our teachers work across many time zones, which lets us serve our learners all around the world. Students can work on presentations, business email writing, accent, confidence building, or any other skill they need to improve.

Our Goal is to Streamline Communication Across Teams

With English training your leaders and teams will be able to bridge cultural connections and achieve economic edge, improve global collaborative efforts and projects, build a culture of learning and keep your organization forward.


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